• General Henrik Felix

    General Henrik Felix

    The king’s right hand man, supports all decisions, but still offers advice, one the king’s closest confidants
  • George Stackson

    George Stackson

    Right hand guy for William, always agrees and has a military background, is responsible for tactical coordination of rebel forces
  • Gustavus Bertil

    Gustavus Bertil

    Owns a blacksmith and supplies shop on the edge of the kingdom that caters mainly to travellers, supplies rebels with weapons and armor secretly, using the kings money.
  • Harald Sonja

    Harald Sonja

    Born to a wealthy family in the king’s favor, he ran away from home at age 20 to join the rebellion. He generally disagrees with William’s decision, and opts for a more conservative approach, but agrees if William insists.
  • King Laurent Aymeric

    King Laurent Aymeric

    Trying to lead his empire as best he can.
  • Prince Amedeo Aymeric

    Prince Amedeo Aymeric

    Second born, wants to be king, greedy, ready to betray brother and father.
  • Prince Nicolas Aymeric

    Prince Nicolas Aymeric

    First born, ready to be king, learning, annoyed that his father trusts Henrik more.
  • Princess Laetia Aymeric

    Princess Laetia Aymeric

    (pronounced Li-a-sha) - The “pretty one” generally clueless, praises Nicolas for his “nobility” and shames Amedeo for his greed.
  • Princess Maria Laura Aymeric

    Princess Maria Laura Aymeric

    Proud of her noble heritage, but sympathizes quite easily with Amedeo. Is suspicious of Nicolas because he never does anything wrong.
  • William Thorngage

    William Thorngage

    Leader of a rebellion against the king for his extortion of the villagers